Voice of the Silence Sound Mastering

Winter Lazerus offers Music Mastering of recording projects for many of his Artist and Record Producing friends worldwide:

It’s a bit of a “side-note” and a surprise as to how this has evolved…

It all came about quite organically as friends in Record Production or fellow musical artists would often comment about how much they loved the sound of the tracks I make as a composer/producer/mixer on my own. I’d tell them that I also always did my own Mastering of anything I composed (including film scoring cues) for the last decade and eventually this opened a door and started a slowly burgeoning wave of requests to Master things for others.

I love doing Mastering as it feels like an opportunity to give some objective and creative overview to finished projects and it’s also a chance to offer a whole area of my expertise that i’ve stepped away from, since I slowed down my work in formal Record Production after 2 decades, and returned to Los Angeles (following 8 years of Production work in London). My primary focus in coming back to L.A. has been original composing, film scoring, writing, formal University studies and collaborative live event creation.

So it’s a real pleasure to offer Mastering and I also have had the very great good fortune that my own teachers have been Bob Ludwig, Bernie Grundman and Ian Cooper who were the Mastering engineers on the various projects that I personally Mixed or Produced (beginning just out of high school) including my very first project, Donald Fagen’s The Nightfly, of which I engineered 11 of the 12 months of the recording on my own with Donald and legendary Producer Gary Katz (including the entire track of Walk Between The Raindrops, which was done at the end of The Nightfly Sessions just before we started mixing). The Nightfly is still being used by serious sound engineers as their “go to” reference music for setting up sound systems on tour or checking monitors in studios, even to this day.

Per Mastering –  As mentioned before i’ve been honored to work with Mastering Royalty and Bob, Bernie and Ian are the true Masters of Mastering and i’m humbled and fortunate to know them and in some manner, call them friends and I would recommend to anyone that is able, that they work with these brilliant Mastering engineers. They have done the greatest work ever in the field. A field that is often under-valued, especially when one considers just how dramatically great Mastering can sonically sculpt a final product spectrally and dynamically by enhancing and/or nuancing the very best aspects of the music’s heart and Soul. (Even on very well mixed tracks).

So with respect to The Mastering Art, I have created a very good Mastering setup in Voice of the Silence Sound, my composing studio in Beachwood Canyon. I’ve found that doing the occasional Mastering for an artist or Producer is a nice break from my deep dives into creative composing, scoring and my ongoing writing projects. It’s also very easy nowadays for me to receive and send tracks to and from anywhere on the planet.

And, finally, as a composer myself, I look to work with artist’s realistic budgets as much as possible and I understand that good music can’t always be tied to major record label funding or it’s “ilk”.


:Winter Lazerus: – 2014

Recent Composition Mastered for 2015 Project – Robot Prayers by Winter Lazerus

Art Concept by Visualist Audri Phillips