The Lost and Found

Midnight Muse improv explorations:
Re-working classic tracks from midnight till dawn in “first-take” performances including final mix. In this case the track is Van Morrison’s brilliant “Into The Mystic”. (To whit I take a fair shake of poetic license).

Created by candlelight with a nice Cabernet in the midnight hour till just before dawn. The rules being, that everything must be done as first take performance parts and no “auto-tune” or perfecting. From initial note or beat to final part, all tracking is done as one-take keepers. Thus the final outcome is as close to a live band performance as I can possibly get on my own and the mix then becomes the eclectic sonic destination for a lot of letting go and potential new discovery.

I used “found sounds” that i’m always collecting, some mash-up ambient surprises, along with Fender Rhodes, an acoustic nylon string, some horns, blues harp, some other musical “what-not” (and a raccoon making noise on my porch). I actually ran much of this entire mix through an old guitar amp to create the final sound. Hence the swimming quality and shimmering dances with the spectral spread, wily distortion and a kind of, inside your head, closeness.

Midnight Muse improv experiments, done purely for the sake of not being too precious, holding ideas with open hands, being playful and often for exploring the nature of my uncertain voice possibilities. Ultimately it’s simply a chance to learn and grow by not knowing.

:WL: – 2014

Photo (on SC Player) by Winston Boyer.